How Dave Goldberg of SurveyMonkey Built a Billion-Dollar Business and Still Gets Home By 5:30 PM:

Meetings. Who Needs ‘Em? Partly in reaction to his experience at Yahoo!, Goldberg only attends “two and a half” regular scheduled meetings every week. Goldberg said, “I’m probably more anti-meeting than most people in my job. It’s just in my nature.

Talking about corporate culture and setting priorities.

Management Myth 15: I Need People to Work Overtime:

When a manager wants people to work overtime, to feel invested in an organization, what’s the real issue behind the words? It might be that the manager wants people to have the same sense of investment in the organization as the manager does. In that case, it’s useful to ask, am I creating an environment where people feel autonomous? Do they have purpose? Are they mastering their craft?

It might not be that at all. It could be an issue of project portfolio management, where people are spread so thinly around so many projects that they don’t have time for any single project. If so, see if your manager is caught up in the myth of 100 percent utilization.

Sometimes, managers think they can measure people by the time they spend at work. Wanting people to work overtime is related to that myth. When you force people to timebox their work to just the workday, they start making choices about the work they do and don’t do. They stop doing time-wasting work. They start doing useful work, and they start collaborating. But, only if you stop interfering.

A new angle to the old story.

How to Create a Sick System

October 27th, 2012

Good for weekend reading… hoping that you’ll be able to just quickly leave the treadmill and think about whether you’re caught in a sick system! Sick systems: How to keep someone with you forever.

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March 1st, 2009

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December 19th, 2008

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August 25th, 2008

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July 2nd, 2008

Was ist einer der grössten Mythen in der Arbeitswelt?


Bei welchem Thema müssen wieder Frühförderung und ehrgeizige Eltern als Entschuldigung herhalten, weshalb man gegen die Änderung des Althergebrachten ist?