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Negative on Microsoft PDW?

Merv Adrian, who just announced he’s going to Gartner, is quite negative on MS’ SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse in Microsoft Leaps Late, Lags with SQL Server PDW. Seems that Microsoft, besides being two years late to the party, also violated quite a few unwritten analyst treatment rules around the launch of PDW at SQL PASS by not having a good message around PDW, no analyst briefing day, no additional material on its website.

Interesting read into what’s shaping analyst’s (first) impressions of technology launches.





2 responses to “Negative on Microsoft PDW?”

  1. Merv Adrian Avatar

    Thanks for noticing the piece. I hope my post was sufficiently clear: it was not focusing much at all about the technology, just the go-to-market motion. PDW will no doubt become a significant offering, but it’s too soon to tell how good it will be – as an analyst, I’ll want to know more. And that was partly the point, of course. I will say that it took a long time, and is behind in some feature areas. But it also has advantages that will become evident as the story unfolds. And then the marketplace will begin to decide.

  2. Markus Perdrizat Avatar

    Thx Merv, I think your post was clear. I guess I’ve heard so much about PDW from MS already (as an IT guy, not analyst) that I was quite surprised to hear that analysts never really got the treatment.