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  • Seven Habits of Successful Virtual Teams

    Bei uns sind seit einiger Zeit virtuelle Teams an der Tagesordnung. Und noch immer gibt es einzelne Personen, die sich der neuen Kultur noch nicht gut angepasst haben. (Wenigstens haben sich inzwischen alle damit abgefunden…) Da kommt diese Liste im Web Worker Daily gerade praktisch: Seven Habits of Successful Virtual Teams.… Continued

  • I’m leaving IceWM

    It’s definitely a sad day – I’m leaving IceWM alone. No longer will I maintain, help users, report bugs, chat in #icewm. I don’t like it, but fact is that I didn’t have enough time recently to do all that as well as I’d have loved to.… Continued

  • Spent some lazy Weeks

    Man I’ve been busy. Haven’t had much time to work on anything like CRUX ports, Gtk-Gnutella or IceWM. Hope it gets better now, but we’ll see – I’m not really convinced. Had to remove my hardware page – it wasn’t up to date at all.… Continued

  • DNS for

    Some time ago I finally managed to setup DNS for, that’s why you should be reading this on and not anymore – although this old domain is still valid. And today I’ve changed this site to use my new php script I developed for use at,… Continued