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Interview With A Blackhat

Fascinating interview with a (former) blackhat:

One ‘blackhat,’ who asked to be called Adam, that I have spoken to a lot has recently says he’s decided to go legit. During this life-changing transition, he offered to give an interview so that the rest of the security community could learn from his point of view. Not every blackhat wants to talk, for obvious reasons, so this is a rare opportunity to see the world through his eyes, even if we’re unable to verify any of the claims made. […]

“I like to watch the news; especially the financial side of it. Say if a target just started up and it suddenly sky rocketed in online sales that’ll become a target. Most of these websites have admins behind them who have no practical experience of being the bad guy and how the bad guys think. This leaves them hugely vulnerable.”

“One thing that did hugely affect bot infection rates was the mass removal of Java. When news of a java 0-day gets published people panic (rightly so) and un-install it or patch but as we all know java never stays secure for long.”

“It’s super hard to gather evidence for the crime, and even so the money is impossible to find. Ten or eleven mil over 10-13 years for a 10-15 year sentence. I can’t really say what it’d be like without freedom as I’ve always had it so I can’t imagine losing it.”

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