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Performance vs. Scalability

Scalable System Design:

Building scalable system is becoming a hotter and hotter topic. Mainly because more and more people are using computer these days, both the transaction volume and their performance expectation has grown tremendously. This one covers general considerations.

The mathematical approach is explained in Scalability at the Cost of Availability:

Do you associate scalability with availability? Sometimes these go hand-in-hand but sometimes these are at odds with each other. We’re obviously big proponents of architecting your systems so that you have the necessary scalability when you need it but we’re also realistic.

And last but not least, let’s also consider backend vs. frontent in Performance vs. Scalability:

If we speak about web systems now, it looks like we can roughly separate two main components in response time (which is the main performance metric): backend (server-side) time and frontend (network and client-side time).

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