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Breaking through

Breaking through:

Building your brand: If you are in the start-up world, either as an employee, founder, investor or aspiring to do any of the three, it is important to thoughtfully build your online and offline identity. The beauty is that these efforts are valuable for anything you might want to do, and, in fact, is great practice for what you’ll do when you land your dream role. Develop a thesis and take a stand. How can you add value to the community discussion? Start writing, but with a purpose. It forces clarity of thought, opens up your mind and lets people get to know you better. Create opportunities for speaking in public and sharing your ideas with others. This will help bridge the online/offline gap and build a more personal identity, as well as providing a forum for feedback and debate instead of living inside your head.

Well said, and equally important also in corporate land; the laws of success are similar.