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HP Pins Big Hopes on Today’s Launch of Project Moonshot

HP Pins Big Hopes on Today’s Launch of Project Moonshot:

When the definitive story looking back on the effort to turn around the flailing technology giant Hewlett-Packard is written, today may be seen as a turning point, perhaps for the good, perhaps not so good.

But, as it turned out, HP’s Moonshot Gives Analysts a Case of the “Mehs”:

For all the hopes that have been pinned to Hewlett-Packard’s new line of tiny servers known as Moonshot, announced for shipment today, analysts certainly weren’t feeling it. Reserving judgment, two analysts wondered in notes to clients today if even the most optimistic outcome for Moonshot is enough to get HP on track.

But what can you expect from something that’s been talked about for more than 18 months? These kind of things never surprise the analysts…