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History and Future of Ultima RPGs

Shroud of the Avatar is Richard Garriott’s spiritual successor to Ultima:

Massively multiplayer online games are dead. Long live meaningful multiplayer online games. Richard Garriott, the man who helped popularize traditional MMOs and practically invented the role-playing gaming genre, is hoping to create a new sort of MMO, one focusing more on meaningful connections and less on massive in-game headcounts.

And Ultimate RPG Defined, an article by Lord British himself:

What is a Lord British “Ultimate” Role Playing Game? I began my pursuit of creating the “Ultimate” Role Playing Game (Ultimate RPG) around 1974 while in high school. It’s been 36 years but it feels like yesterday. 1974 was an auspicious year for me.

I never played any of his games, and will not back the kickstarter for his latest game, but this was an interesting read into video game history nevertheless.