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Systems Engineering and Automation

Systems Engineering: A great definition:

This re-emergence of the systems engineering (or “full-stack” engineering) notion is excellent and exciting to me, and I’m hoping that everyone in our field, when they hear “DevOps” […] what they mean is taking a systems engineering view.

A Mature Role for Automation: Part I:

One of the ideas that permeates our field of web operations is that we can’t have enough automation. You’ll see experience with “building automation” on almost every job description, and many post-mortem transcriptions around the world have remediation items that state that more automation needs to be in place to prevent similar incidents.

“AUTOMATE ALL THE THINGS!” the meme says.

But the where, when, and how to design, implement, and operate automation is not as straightforward as “AUTOMATE ALL THE THINGS!”

A couple good articles about Systems Engineering and Automation. A shame John Allspaw never got around to writing more automation articles!