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Google Wants Your Next Password To Be A Physical One

Google Wants Your Next Password To Be A Physical One:

New research from Google suggests what we all likely know to be true – your pet’s name followed by a few numbers just isn’t cutting it as a password these days.

Google Declares War on the Password:

Want an easier way to log into your Gmail account? How about a quick tap on your computer with the ring on your finger?

This may be closer than you think. Google’s security team outlines this sort of ring-finger authentication in a new research paper, set to be published late this month in the engineering journal IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine. In it, Google Vice President of Security Eric Grosse and Engineer Mayank Upadhyay outline all sorts of ways they think people could wind up logging into websites in the future — and it’s about time.

Here’s the article (PDF), it’s been published since TechCrunch and Wired wrote about this.