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Inbox Unchained: Mailbox just fixed email on the iPhone

Inbox Unchained: Mailbox just fixed email on the iPhone:

They started with Apple’s Mail app for iPhone, which people were already familiar with, and injected elements of to-do apps he liked, since increasingly people are using their inboxes as to-do lists. The point was to create an experience that was distinctly mobile — an app that would let you take meaningful action while you’re in line at Starbucks.Mailbox needed to intelligently display emails so you can parse and deal with them as quickly as possible. Most email apps require two or three taps to archive an email — perhaps the most common action you take on emails while you’re mobile — but Mailbox only requires one: a swipe to the side. “Our biggest a-ha moment was when we realized that the primary use case of email on the phone is triage,” Underwood says. Mailbox takes the reality of people using their inboxes as to-do lists and and builds on what Mail and Sparrow did right (push notifications and nicely threaded messages, respectively).

I’d love to have that – except for regular IMAP mail, not GMail.