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A new currency payment system is about to explode

A new currency payment system is about to explode:

The world has tried to create an alternative online currency since the inception of the internet.  If it was not worth doing, then why would the world keep trying to do it? […] So it is worth doing, and one day it will happen. […] This means that in our world which is moving faster than many of us can think, any new virtual currency has a potential to be The Big Thing.To be The Big Thing comes down to looking for three things to happen:

A virtual currency to become a serious player in value exchange;

A payment system to emerge to support this virtual currency which can be used on multiple platforms both inside and outside the core reason for the currency’s existence; and

An ecosystem of commerce to form around this structure, such that the currency is used as a de facto standard for purchasing and selling across the ecosystem.

The alternative currency that’s going to be big might already be here – but it’s not Bitcoin.