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Why Does Everyone Think Google Beat the FTC?

Why Does Everyone Think Google Beat the FTC?

In the aftermath of the FTC’s settlement with Google yesterday, too many reporters fell for the line that Google used some fancy combination of executive charm and lobbying prowess to beat the federal government at its own game.

Google wins : a plain English guide to the FTC’s big ruling:

Critics who say Google is too powerful have nagged the government for years to regulate the company’s search listings. But today the critics came up dry: a federal agency finished a two-year investigation by saying it would leave Google’s listings alone.

Google and antitrust:

GOOGLE dodged a particularly large legal bullet on January 3rd, when America’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced the results of a long-running investigation into allegations that the internet behemoth has been abusing its dominant position in online search to promote its own businesses at

How Google beat the feds:

Google escaped from a nearly two-year federal antitrust probe with only a few scratches by proving that the best defense is a good offense.

As the dust is settling, intelligent commentary starts showing up.