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Stick a fork in netbooks, they’re done

Stick a fork in netbooks, they’re done:

After beginning in late 2007, the age of netbooks is coming to close. Acer and Asus, the two remaining top-tier manufacturers of the small laptops, are ceasing netbook production today, reports The Guardian’s Charles Arthur.

I never got around to actually buying a Netbook, but I was *so* close a couple times… just like with tablets now 🙂





One response to “Stick a fork in netbooks, they’re done”

  1. Beat Rubischon Avatar

    Yeah, netbooks are dead. Or not really?

    Some weeks ago my daughter took a letter home from school where they described their new approach of teaching IT. Parents are enforced to buy such beasts… Luckily we had one “on stock”, otherwise the girl has to carry a large and expensive one together with her books. Or the dad has to buy one of the leftovers like the MacBook Air 11″ which costs an arm an a leg.

    As always, schools are years behind. And it’s not easy to be parent.