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A Brief History of Slashdot

A Brief History of Slashdot Part 1, Chips & Dips:

As part of our 10 year anniversary celebration, I’ve decided to post a story here telling the tale of the transition from Chips & Dips to Slashdot back in 1997.

A Brief History of Slashdot Part 2, Explosions:

When last we left off, Slashdot had grown beyond my ability to maintain it as a hobby, as well as beyond the simple DEC Alpha Multia 166 that had served it so well for the first week or two, and then immediately buckled under the traffic.

History of Slashdot Part : Going Corporate:

When we last left off we were in early 1999- Slashdot had a small business behind it, known as Blockstackers Intergalactic. But we knew that we would need real infrastructure to handle the ever increasing traffic and needs of our readers as well as our employees.

The History of Slashdot Part 4 : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow:

Today, on the last day of our 10 year anniversary navel gazing spectacular, I present the final (thank god!) chapter in my 4 part history of Slashdot. I’ve written about the creation, the explosion, and the corporatization.

I stumbled upon this story from a couple years ago while looking for something totally else – and couldn’t believe I didn’t see this earlier, after Symlink and everything that was!