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Hadapt v2 – Adaptive Analytic Platform

The future is hybrid, kind of like SQL and NoSQL combined. Which is what NoSQL stands for, according to some: Not Only SQL 😉 Hadapt is betting big on hybrid being a requirement for analytic platforms, and Curt Monash nicely sums up the new v2 offering that should be available next quarter.

Hadapt+Hadoop is positioned much more as “better than Hadoop” than “a better scale-out RDBMS”– and rightly so, due to its limitations when viewed strictly from an analytic RDBMS standpoint. I.e., Hadapt is meant for enterprises that want to do several of

  • Dump multi-structured data into Hadoop.Refine or just move some of it into an RDBMS.
  • Bring in data from other RDBMS.
  • Process of all the above via Hadoop MapReduce.
  • Process of all the above via SQL.
  • Use full-text indexes on the data.

via Hadapt Version 2.