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Twitter Has Been Shredded Into Slices

I was excited about Slices, a Twitter client which – I hoped – would allow me to read my feed by topic of interest. Unfortunately I found out, after trying its desktop client now, that it only knows how to put known accounts into categories. It doesn’t work with 98% of the accounts I follow, who appear to sail below Slices’ radar. And so my search continues for the twitter client that automatically categorizes tweets based on content and context, not just hashtags.

Slices launches Thursday, August 2, at 9am EST (you heard it here first) and it’s a pretty attractive beast. Probably its biggest selling point is its claim to be the first app to allow you to browse Twitter by category. Slices offers 21 searchable categories – humor, technology, sports, and so on – that lead you to people and lists to follow.

via Twitter Has Been Shredded Into Slices – Just What It Needed.