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Startup Connection Cloud aims to free your SaaS data

Cool idea, difficult to pull off at enterprise quality if the data source providers don’t cooperate and offer stable APIs (but even then…)

It’s not easy to get data to work with NetSuite data, for example. Connection Cloud is working on connectors for those popular applications as well as for Intacct, Facebook, Eloqua, Google Spreadsheets, Zuora and others, to connect that data to front ends like Jaspersoft, Tableau, Yellowfin, Microsoft Excel and Access, Zendesk scripting, Appcelerator mobile app building tools and Google Appscript. The goal is to let businesses funnel their data from SaaS repositories into their analytical tool of choice which they can use to parse it and combine with other data as needed.

via Startup Connection Cloud aims to free your SaaS data.