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Rumble CEO: video games aren’t mainstream… yet

When will games be truly mainstream? I think this is still farther away than Rumble CEO Richardson would have us think, not least judging from playing the beta of their game KingsRoad. I see how they’re trying to bridge the gap between console/PC gamers and the casual Facebook gamers, but not how the new format should suddenly be appealing to billions instead of millions, as he thinks.

The opportunity to create experiences that touch billions of people will inspire a wave of high-quality games that combine the immersive, engaging ingredients that drove the adoption of game consoles in the ’90s and early 2000s with the understanding that in today’s media market, it is the consumer who calls the shots. No longer will the argument of whether games are a true mass-market medium be based around dollars spent, but rather in lives touched.

via Former BioWare CEO: video games aren’t mainstream… yet.