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How will the DB incumbents respond to NoSQL and NewSQL?

The 451 Group recently released a report about “How will the database incumbents respond to NoSQL and NewSQL?” Unfortunately it’s only available to their subscribers, so I can’t get the details… anyway – they followed up with a blog post What we talk about when we talk about NewSQL, which includes a pretty complete list of companies and technologies that we have to watch outside the established RDBMS vendors.

“NewSQL” is our shorthand for the various new scalable/high performance SQL database vendors. We have previously referred to these products as ‘ScalableSQL’ to differentiate them from the  incumbent relational database products. Since this implies horizontal  scalability, which is not necessarily a feature of all the products, we  adopted the term ‘NewSQL’ in the new report.


So who would be consider to be the NewSQL vendors? Like NoSQL, NewSQL  is used to describe a loosely-affiliated group of companies, but what  they have in common is the development of new relational database  products and services designed to bring the benefits of the relational  model to distributed architectures, or to improve the performance of  relational databases to the extent that horizontal scalability is no  longer a necessity.

In the first group we would include (in no particular order)  Clustrix, GenieDB, ScalArc, Schooner, VoltDB, RethinkDB, ScaleDB,  Akiban, CodeFutures, ScaleBase, Translattice, and NimbusDB, as well as  Drizzle, MySQL Cluster with NDB, and MySQL with HandlerSocket. The  latter group includes Tokutek and JustOne DB. The associated  “NewSQL-as-a-service” category includes Amazon Relational Database  Service, Microsoft SQL Azure, Xeround, and FathomDB.

I’ve been following most of them, but some of them were still news to me.