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Time to say goodbye to SQL Server 2005

Check this blog by MS evangelist Andrew Fryer: Farewell old friend–time to say goodbye to SQL Server 2005. On April 12, 2011, SQL Server 2005 will transition from Mainstream Support to Extended Support, meaning UBS will have no more free support for specific fixes. Or as Microsoft puts it (click the 2005 tab on that link), we will still receive:

  • Paid support (charged on an hourly basis per incident). Customers  will no longer receive no-charge incident support and warranty claims,  and won’t be able to request design changes or features.
  • Security update support at no additional cost





One response to “Time to say goodbye to SQL Server 2005”

  1. Johnnie Dimler Avatar

    Hi folks, I assumed you most likely are able to help me. I have a Microsoft SQL .ldf and .mdf file that I need to restore. Any opinions on how to do this? Thanks