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Survey Shows Poor Performance of Cloud Applications Delays Cloud Adoption

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Compuware Corporation today announced the findings of a cloud performance survey  conducted by Vanson Bourne. The survey of 677 businesses in North  America and Europe examined the impact application performance has on  cloud application strategy and deployments.

The survey reveals that the majority of organizations in both regions  are greatly aware that poor performance of cloud applications has a  direct impact on revenue. The survey shows that businesses in North  America are losing on average almost $1 million per year because of the  poor performance of their cloud-based applications. In Europe, the  figure is more than $0.75 million. The survey also reveals that  organizations are delaying their cloud deployments because of  performance concerns and believe that service level agreements (SLAs)  for cloud applications should be based on actual end-user experience and  not just on service provider availability metrics.

Found via the Xeround blog.