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What’s in a Name

Following up on last week’s The meaning of NoSQL, there are quite a number of well thought out articles around CouchOne’s decision to not associate itself with NoSQL:

  • Why Cloud Computing Sells and NoSQL Is Fading about the fact that Cloud was at the same position three years ago, but climbed to hill to success, whereas Grid Computing didn’t, and NoSQL likely won’t
  • The beginning of the end of NoSQL notes that Big Data, with which NoSQL has become closely associated, is endangered as well because there’s a trademark on that term. Massive Data and Big Analytics are emerging in its place.
  • Use cases are driving the divergence, and the convergence, of NoSQL solutions argues that it’s time for a use case driven description of NoSQL solutions instead of just defining itself by what it isn’t (or, in many cases, what it only partially is, as many now start to support [limited] SQL anyway). At the same time the membase folks suggest that maybe Cloud Database could be better than NoSQL… elegantly solving the dilemma that GigaOm points out in the first post above.