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Toad for Eclipse

In attempt to reduce its dependency on the Delphi platform, which ended up being owned by competitor Embarcadero, Quest recently released a first version of the Toad Extension for Eclipse. Functionality is severely limited, but we should see more to come. You can run this on Linux and MacOS as well, due to the Eclipse cross-platform-ness as an added benefit.

Via Heise.





2 responses to “Toad for Eclipse”

  1. Daniel Norwood Avatar

    Thanks for the blog post about Toad Extension for Eclipse! I’m glad to see that you’re using it! As you mentioned, we have big plans for the product even though it’s only in beta at this time.

    I am the product manager and wanted to clarify one thing… While Toad for Oracle does use Delphi, we have no plans to “reduce our dependency on the Delphi platform” as you state. The Toad Extension for Eclipse is not aimed to replace Toad but to serve the needs of Java developers working in Eclipse. We recognize that a lot of Java developers write applications that interact with the Oracle database and Eclipse is one of the preferred Java IDEs. We want this new Toad to help the Java development community using Eclipse.

    Please visit the community pages ( if have any ideas for how we could make Toad Extension for Eclipse better! We would love to hear!

    Daniel Norwood

    1. maol Avatar

      Thx for the clarification, Daniel!