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Teradata, Cloudera team up on Hadoop data warehousing

Does anybody remember as far back as two months ago? That’s when I asked

All these connectors being announced makes me think there’s somebody out there with a matrix of RDBMS and NoSQL systems, looking at which combinations don’t have a marketable connector yet so he can be first to market.

Now we have another one, according to ZDNet’s Teradata, Cloudera team up on Hadoop data warehousing story, except by now they may be the last to market instead of first… but giving credit where it’s due, MapReduce has been part of Teradata’s strategy for a while, so I guess the new thing is that

The two techniques technologies will co-exist. Teradata will bundle a connector (the Teradata Hadoop Connector) to its systems with Cloudera Enterprise at no additional cost. Cloudera will provide support for the connector as part of its enterprise subscription. The two parties will also jointly market the connector.

Found via myNoSQL.