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Tech that is not tech

Great post by Couchio guy Mikeal Rogers about tech that is not tech. I can relate so much to that – I guess it’s an age or maturity thing.

I don’t know if it’s just because I got a little older, or because I started working so much with JavaScript and writing web stuff, but I can’t stand anything that is hard to use or requires me to maintain it in any way. I have plenty of work to do. On my laptop I’ve got TextMate and iTerm and a browser but anything else that is happening on the machine I don’t want to worry about. I actually find myself annoyed by System Updates.

For me it’s not the Web stuff nor Apple products, but I clearly spend a lot less time tinkering with system internals, and I like it when something Just Works™ that I know is complex to do with computers. Unfortunately these events are still rare today, at least outside the Apple universe…