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Hadoop Update

A slew of updates on Apache Hadoop, nicely compiled by the nice folks at the 451 group:

  • Cloudera launched v3 of its Distribution for Hadoop and released v1 of Cloudera Enterprise.
  • Karmasphere released new Professional and Analyst Editions of its Hadoop development and deployment studio.
  • Talend announced that its Integration Suite now offers native support for Hadoop.
  • Yahoo announced the beta release of Hadoop with Security and Oozie, Yahoo’s workflow engine for Hadoop.
  • Datameer announced a strategic partnership with Zementis for predictive analytics on Hadoop.
  • The Register reported that Twitter is set to open source its MySQL-to-Hadoop tool.
  • MicroStrategy announced support for Apache Hadoop as a data source for MicroStrategy 9.
  • Appistry announced Hadoop-based strategic alliances Concurrent, Datameer and Kitenga.
  • GOTO Metrics released Data Analytics Platform, a Hadoop-based business intelligence platform.

And Monash can tell us a bit more about Cloudera Enterprise. He actually mentions

Financial services uses for Hadoop include: Internal trading rule enforcement/fraud detection, Complex ETL,Portfolio risk assessment (typically overnight).

Which is slightly different from what Teradata’s CTO told me at their CTO Road Show in Zurich last week, where I did raise the question about MapReduce in the financial industry. But then again maybe he was just saying that none of their Finance customers uses Teradata’s new MapReduce engine yet…