musings and one liners


Der Execupundit wieder mal kurz und bündig! 10 Ways to Sink Your Career:

  1. Focus solely on your technical ability and neglect anything resembling a “people skill.”
  2. Have frequent disputes with co-workers and be sure to hold grudges.
  3. Do just enough work to get by. They don’t pay you enough as it is.
  4. Avoid cluttering your mind with workshops or reading.
  5. Never pass up an opportunity to hit your boss with a zinger at the staff meeting. People should realize that you’re running your own show.
  6. Regard customers as nuisances.
  7. Don’t doublecheck your work. You’re too busy.
  8. Never admit mistakes. Confessions are for fools.
  9. Hang around with negative people. They know what’s up.
  10. Devote more time to looking busy than to getting things done.