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WordPress bereit für Symlink

Mark Jaquith vom WordPress Development Team schreibt über ein geniales neues Feature von WordPress 2.3: New WordPress Feature: Pending Review.

WordPress has had support for “Contributor” users since version 1.3 […]. Contributors could save drafts, but not publish their entries. Combined with open registration (default role: “Contributor”), this had a lot of potential for opening up blog contributions to the public.
Starting with WordPress 2.3[…], contributors will now have a new button. It acts as a counterpart to the “Publish” button that Authors (and above) get. The button says “Submit for Review.” It leverages a new post_status called “pending.” Pending posts show up as links above the Write Post screen for Editors and Administrators, along with the “nags” for your own drafts and others’ drafts.

Damit ist WordPress’ Unterstützung für Story-Einsendungen gut genug, und Symlink kann endlich nach WordPress migrieren. Das andere grosse Manko, Threaded Comments, lässt sich mit existierenden Plugins lösen, falls man daran festhalten will.