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Das Baseline Magazine hat eine in-depth Story über die Technik hinter MySpace, betitelt Inside

Booming traffic demands put a constant stress on the social network’s computing infrastructure. Yet, MySpace developers have repeatedly redesigned the Web site software, database and storage systems in an attempt to keep pace with exploding growth – the site now handles almost 40 billion page views a month. Most corporate Web sites will never have to bear more than a small fraction of the traffic MySpace handles, but anyone seeking to reach the mass market online can learn from its experience.

Zum Glück ist Symlink nicht so schnell gewachsen 😉
Handkehrum hätten wir aber bei Symlink das notwendige Know-How und auch die Software gehabt, um einen skalierende Umgebung zu engineeren – immerhin waren wir ja nicht die Ersten.

Jakob Nielsen, the former Sun Microsystems engineer who has become famous for his Web site critiques as a principal of the Nielsen Norman Group consultancy, says it’s clear that MySpace wasn’t created with the kind of systematic approach to computer engineering that went into Yahoo, eBay or Google. Like many other observers, he believes MySpace was surprised by its own growth. “I don’t think that they have to reinvent all of computer science to do what they’re doing, but it is a large-scale computer science problem,” he says.

Via Bill McColl.