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How to be Cory Doctorow

Seth über How to be Cory Doctorow:

I sat next to Cory at a conference today. It was like playing basketball next to Michael Jordan. Cory was looking at more than 30 screens a minute. He was bouncing from his mail to his calendar to a travel site and then back. His fingers were a blur as he processed inbound mail, visiting more than a dozen sites in the amount of time it took for my neck to cramp up.

In dieser Beschreibung von Cory Doctorow (von BoingBoing) erkenne ich mich auch wieder. Der Nachteil dieses Extreme Multitasking ist aber auch klar: es fällt mir immer schwerer, mich auf eine einzige Aufgabe zu konzentrieren, wenn sie länger als nur gerade ein paar Minuten dauert.