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The clusterdeconfig Tool

Könnte mal noch praktisch sein: The clusterdeconfig Tool: Completely Cleaning Up After a Botched Oracle Clusterware Installation

I haven’t seen a lot of chatter about the Oracle Database Deinstallation Tool for Oracle Clusterware and Real Application Clusters on the web. In fact, a search in Metalink for the name of the actual tool—clusterdeconfig—returned no documents or Metalink forum threads with mention of the tool. I found that to be strange. This is a very helpful tool because things can go wrong when installing CRS and having a deinstall tool is better than the typical wild rm(1) command execution that is usually necessary to get back to a clean state for an installation retry.

Ich verstehe einfach nicht, wie Oracle zwar Tools bereitstellen kann, es aber nach Möglichkeit vermeidet, sie auch einfach findbar zu machen? Wenigstens ein Eintrag in Metalink müsste vorhanden sein, damit man es finden kann!