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Oracle nach 11g nur noch auf Linux?

Kevin Closson versucht sich für einmal im Verbreiten von neuen Gerüchten: No more Oracle Ports to Solaris/AIX/HP-HUX after Oracle 11g.

Oracle no longer has to port the database to such a wide array of platforms for the sake of garnering market share. They won that battle—rightly so. Who else had such an optimized RDBMS on so many platforms? Nobody, period. But most of those platforms are dead. So, imagine the reduced cost for Oracle to produce their database—someday in the future—on only one platform. Guess what platform that would be? Linux of course.

Er schlägt vor, dass Oracle die Software nur noch auf x86_64 entwickelt, und dann mittels Software Emulation wie z.B. Transitive den Linux-Build auch auf anderen Architekturen Sparc, Itanium oder PowerPC zur Verfügung stellt. High Performance Installationen würden dann auf x64 implementiert werden, während Maximum Availability/Resilience Installationen weiterhin auf den klassischen Unix-Plattformen implementiert werden könnten.
Definitiv ein netter Gedankengang. Aber kein Hinweis darauf, was mit dem Windows-Port passieren würde…





2 responses to “Oracle nach 11g nur noch auf Linux?”

  1. Kevin Closson Avatar

    The Oracle product on Windows it not a port. It is a base product. Technically, Solaris is not a port either, but I believe Oracle aims to change that over time. Choosing the title I did for that blog post was only meant to get people interested in the potential for such technology as transitive–especially as Oracle aims to concentrate on Linux more.

  2. maol Avatar

    I’ve been trying to find out more about which platforms are ports and which are base products, but haven’t been able to find anything really. So Linux, Solaris and Windows are base products, as you call them, and I assume then that Oracle ports one of these Unix base products to AIX and HP-UX. Any hint where that may be documented?