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How To Network: For Introverts

Es heisst, es gebe in der IT eine Menge introvertierter Personen, also könnte das gerade Recht kommen für Euch: How To Network: For Introverts. Zwei Punkte sind es Wert, speziell herausgehoben zu werden:

Go regularly to things you like. When I was living on the Space Coast, I went to a group called Founders Forum. It was for entrepreneurs and investors. I learned a lot at the meetings, but it took about 6 months for people to start recognizing me and saying hi. It was uncomfortable, being 23 in a room of mostly middle aged people. You just have to keep showing up, month after month.


Don’t network just for the sake of networking. There is a book called “Never Eat Alone”. That’s all fine and good for extroverts, but we introverts can’t network just to network. As you meet more people, focus on spending your time with the ones that are the best fit, and focus less on meeting new people.

Und damit wäre es wieder mal Zeit, auf die folgenden Links hinzuweisen: Xing, LinkedIn und Orkut.