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Seiko und Epson haben eine Uhr entwickelt, die die Zeit auf digitalem Papier darstellt. Vorgestellt worden ist sie letzte Woche in Basel auf der BASELWORLD – irgendwie habe ich zu spät davon erfahren! Aber kaufen kann man sie sowieso frühehstens nächstes Jahr.

“A 3 x 9 cm electronic paper is curved and embedded along the watch’s bracelet-shaped surface. The e-paper displays a constantly-altering mosaic pattern, in addition to the conventional time display. “We aimed to develop a new type of watch that has never existed before,” said a company spokesperson. “Then electronic paper caught our eye. Through the utilization of its curvable property, innovative designs have become available. As this is the first watch ever that uses e-paper in the industry, we believe that the industry will be strongly interested in it,” he added. The companies are planning to prompt the preparation and launch the product in Japan within FY2005.” (Tech-On! via Gizmodo)