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Es geht also doch. Das Register hat eine gute Übersicht über die Geschichte des eineinhalbjährigen Übernahmekampfes unter dem Titel The PeopleSoft vs. Oracle clash:
The tale of Oracle’s attempt to buy Peoplesoft is a story of Larry Ellison’s relentless pursuit of his target in the face of implacable hostility from the PeopleSoft board. The slanging matches between then-PeopleSoft-CEO Craig Conway and Oracle’s Ellison were often spectacular.
Conway once described Oracle as a “sociopathic company”, later having to deny that this meant he’d called Ellison a sociopath. A fine point, perhaps, but indicative of just how bitter and personal this fight became. Certainly here at The Register we mourn the passing of the greatest clashes of modern corporate times.
[…]The Oracle press release in full. The PeopleSoft press release

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