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Wissenschafter! Wieder haben sie das offensichtliche untersucht, und herausgefunden, dass es tatsächlich so ist, wie man es schon weiss: Teenagers fail to see the consequences:
Juveniles may find it harder than adults to foresee the consequences of their actions. The finding may explain why teenagers act compulsively and take more risks.[…]
In Baird’s experiment, carried out with colleague Jonathan Fugelsang, teenagers and adults were shown scenarios on a computer screen, such as eating a salad or swimming with sharks. The subjects had to judge whether each was safe or dangerous. Both groups took longer to decide a scenario was dangerous, but this difference was greater in teenagers. Adults took 1.6 seconds longer to reach a decision while teenagers took 1.75 seconds more.

Wann wird das erste Mal untersucht, wieviele Male sich Wissenschafter mit Themen untersuchen, bei denen das Resultat schon im Voraus feststeht?