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Freeware im Unternehmen

“Open-source, GPL, and other forms of freeware sometimes run afoul of myopic company licensing standards. But any organization that’s cutting itself off from GPL and other legitimate forms of licensed freeware is seriously hurting its own business, Fred Langa says.
It’s one thing to require that all commercial software be bought and paid for–that’s a good thing! But any organization that explicitly prohibits all noncommercial software–“without purchase … products cannot be used”–simply is crippling itself. That kind of rule, if uniformly enforced, would make your business unable to use any open-source software, or any software issued under the GPL Gnu Public License or any freeware whatsoever. This could include many distributions of Linux; most popular Web-server software; office suites like OpenOffice; browsers like Mozilla/Firefox; languages like Perl and so on.
In two words: That’s nuts.”

Fred Langas Artikel dient als Referenz für alle Fachidioten, die denken, dass ein Unternehmen heute ohne Freeware oder OpenSource auskommen kann.