SQL Azure Year in Review

January 10th, 2011

A quick one today: SQL Azure – The Year in Review, mostly because of it’s good pointers to more SQL Azure resources.

Time Off

December 19th, 2010

Just a quick update because you may have noticed that I’m not posting as frequently as I’d like to – this is because I started playing Assassin’s Creed 2, and I’m still not through yet. And of course it doesn’t help if you stumble across the giant Boingboing joke thread… read here for one that reminds me of stories I’ve been through with my wife 🙂

Analytics Pissing Contest

November 11th, 2010

Aster Data Founder Mayank Bawa is engaging in an analytics pissing contest with Vertica in Sessionize with Style? …Or How a column-only, SQL-only database and lack of MapReduce, will cramp your style!, all that about a mini-series of Vertica blogs, where a Vertica engineer was pointing out perceived flaws of Aster and Teradata. Let’s sit back and watch!

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Blog Changes

June 24th, 2010

You’ve probably seen a flurry of updates today – that’s because I’ve loaded the most recent posts of another blog I started writing behind a firewall, and I thought I’d share those with you as well.

Oh, and did you notice the new name of the blog, and that the blog language is back to English? Yes it’s true, and it’ll stay that way.

M-A-O-L will focus on (Database) technologies and maybe a little bit of social web stuff. More private posts will be posted in a new blog for friends and family – to be announced when it’s ready.

Der Erzdämon ist besiegt

March 6th, 2010

Wieso ist es gut, dass mein Vaterschaftsurlaub jetzt vorbei ist?

Der richtige 10. Geburtstag

January 19th, 2010

Was feiert dieses Blog heute? (Und nicht letztes Jahr!)

Zehnter Geburtstag

January 19th, 2009

Was feiert maol Jeopardy! heute?

(Mehr Geschichte)

Was sagt mir, dass sich auf die Pharma-Industrie auf harte Zeiten einstellt?

Schwarzer wird Präsident!

November 7th, 2008

Wie titelt die Titanic zur Freude aller Feministen anlässlich von Obamas Wahlsieg?