Are these the world’s most innovative big data companies?:

Fast Company, the American business-minded glossy magazine, has published the latest version of its “Most Innovative Companies” franchise, and there’s a breakout section for what it calls “big data companies.” (Though, if the hype is to be believed, we are all big data companies.

  1. Operations-improver Splunk
  2. Tech-trend tracker Quid
  3. Data scientist tournament host Kaggle
  4. Credit rating revolutionary ZestFinance
  5. Electronic medical record streamliner Apixio
  6. Business intelligence visualizer Datameer
  7. Marketing modeler BlueKai
  8. Enterprise social media simplifier Gnip
  9. Brick-and-mortar customer analyzer RetailNext
  10. Compliance catalyst Recommind

Haven’t even heard of half of them, got some reading to do 🙂

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