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There is no work-life balance

There is no work-life balance, zitiert Alexander Kjerulf, Chief Happiness Officer, ein Interview mit Lotte Bailyn vom MIT:

We specifically do not use the term “balance” because it connotes that these two domains in people’s lives have to be equal; that it’s a balance scale – hence if one goes up, the other goes down. The underlying premise of our work is that this need not necessarily be so. We talk about “the integration of work and personal life” to show that work is also part of life. The term “work-life” implies that somehow the two are different, and of course they are not. Work is obviously an important part of life but shouldn’t be the only part.

Genau wie ihm geht es auch mir: die Arbeit trägt erheblich zu meiner Lebensqualität bei. Leute, die von Work-Life-Balance sprechen, haben vermutlich keine Freude an der Arbeit, und müssen sich deshalb in der Freizeit doppelt anstrengen, damit sie trotzdem noch Freude am Leben haben können.
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